Thank you for the terrific session. I’ve been gaining momentum with
my writing and I’m clearer now about the direction I want to go.

-AF, Nottingham-




Planning Your Writing Route is a 2-hour one-to-one session, using the Writer Highway to set your writer journey in context, decide what you really want to achieve, consider what is in your way and to set goals to reach your chosen destination.

Mentoring is offered as a series of 2-hour one-to-one sessions, every 4-8 weeks, as required. Useful for those working on a writing project or wanting regular help to reach their goals, and can include feedback on writing, if required. Mentoring will consider your writing in the context of your wider life balance.

Individual Help 


Discussion of an agreed sample of your writing which has been read in detail. This will highlight your strengths and consider your aims as a writer and we will discuss together ways you might progress your work.


It was the best writing service I have ever received. It was open and honest, precise and succinct. Thank you. I valued your comments.

-MB, Nottingham-

I offer small writer support workshops (usually 6 participants) focused on a particular genre or shared need. Current examples include 'Writing Your Memoir: Support with personal material' and 'Sharing your writing project: feedback and guidance'.


I also offer Progression workshops, currently in Poetry Writing and Memoir writing - supported writing, reading and sharing; and specialised tuition in the craft.




Writing Surgery






Thanks for everything you have contributed to what
I have been able to become and what I have been able to achieve.
-AF, Nottingham-

The Reluctant Writer-Performer

A practical half-day or day workshop delivered for any number of people from one to eight, which will focus on performance techniques, confidence, expression, projection, relaxation and building confidence while finding your speaking voice.

My confidence built due to the techniques you taught, and practising them in groups and pairs, in a lovely warm supportive environment. Thank you. - PW. Chesterfield -